AIR is a non-political, independent, and not-for-profit organization.

"Our mission is to foster scientific research in Africa and promote innovations that brings solutions to technical and societal challenges in the continent." We focus on research challenges relevant to Africa, while trying to capitalize on a good understanding of the technical and societal transformation challenges to be derived from state-of-the-art research. Strong emphasis will be given to international cooperation, at all levels, from research to implementation.

To promote and support applied research; To advocate the use of research to foster new solutions that meet technical and societal challenges in Africa; To promote international cooperation at all levels, from research to implementation. AIR strives to reach its objectives by: Conducting and facilitating cutting edge research on topics relevant to Africa; Promoting the dissemination of research results through publications, training courses, conferences, working meetings, and any event that can help to achieve this aim; Encouraging practical application of innovative results derived from scientific research; Developing partnerships with other associations, private companies or public agencies with similar objectives. AIR is meant to conduct research of its own, and/or in cooperation with national and international partners. Additionally, it aims at promoting and fostering scientific research in African countries. In cooperation with its large network of international partners, the association will also advise, support and accompany third-party scientific endeavors in Africa and outside.

Our activities are not limited to any specific domain; priority domains are selected on a five year basis. Current priority domains are: Entrepreneurship and development; Education, training and lifelong learning; Digital technologies; Health; Agriculture.